Come to Bonn to the Rotary European Summit from 30 August to 1 September 2024

GELS/GNLS/PLS from 28/08/2024 – 30/08/2024

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Rotary European Summit Infoseite

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Welcome to the City of Joy

Experience the “Rotary European Summit“ when members of the Rotary family from more than ten countries will come together to be inspired and to learn from one another. Book your tickets now and we will see you in Bonn from 30 August to 1 September, 2024.

Watch the amazing Bonn video

Welcome to Bonn, the city of Beethoven and the German city of the United Nations! Yes, that’s right: Bonn is home to over 25 United Nations organisations, all dedicated to different aspects of global sustainability

One of them is the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which organises the annual climate summits. Bonn itself takes sustainability very seriously and has developed into an international centre for sustainability over the last 25 years. Ludwig van Beethoven, who was born here in 1770, already incorporated sustainability into his Symphony No.6, also known as the “Pastoral Symphony“. His birthplace is now a museum and can also be visited digitally

In 1949, the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany was passed here in Bonn. For the past 75 years, this fundamental law has been the basis for the successful democratic and economic development of the Federal Republic of Germany. The “Path of Democracy“ in the City of Bonn takes you to the buildings where history was made for more than five decades.

European Summit

Europe and Sustainability


Great goals are best achieved together. That’s why the European Summit 2024 in Bonn is also a hub where we want to create Europe-wide synergies – in line with our Rotary Action Plan and our strategic priorities.


Our clubs have been active with respect to sustainability for many years, not just since Rotary officially introduced its seventh area of focus: environmental protection. At the European Summit, you will be energised by Rotary’s ideas and initiatives, and you will meet the movers and shakers behind them.

“We look forward to your participation
in the Rotary European Summit 2024 in Bonn“

Mário César Martins de Camargo, RI President 2025/2026
Hans-Hermann Kasten, RI Director 2023-2025, Convener 
Alain van de Poel, RI Director 2024-2026, Co-Convener 

Dear Rotarian family.

Why is Rotary so strong? Because each and every one of you makes it strong, day after day. But Rotary’s global network is also so impactful because we inspire each other and learn from one another. That is why I cordially invite you to this year’s European Summit, from 30 August to 1 September 2024 in Bonn.

The focus will be on the topics of “Europe” and “Sustainability”. And, of course, on Rotary itself and our constant work to further develop our incredible organisation. We have been able to attract great speakers with a broad background and experience, to present their views on the latest aspects of our key topics.

It will be an amazing event, but its success also depends on you. Join Rotarians from all over Europe and, on the second day of the conference, work together to develop exciting ideas in the 15 workshops, in which developments in society and Rotary will be discussed. And there’s lots of opportunities to network: in the seminars and workshops, but also in the House of Friendship, during the breaks and over a meal together.

These three days will make a real difference and will bring the Rotary Action Plan to life. Together, during these three days, we will help make the world a little better, because we are doing something positive: We are People of Action.

Please join us!
Be there in Bonn!

I’m looking forward to seeing you.
Hans-Hermann Kasten
RI Director 2023-2025

Our guiding questions

At the European Summit 2024, we will discuss Europe, sustainability, and what this opens up for Rotary and Rotaract in terms of fields of action. We will do this with a diverse field of participants, attractive keynote speakers, and top representatives from Rotary and The Rotary Foundation.


What do the European challenges mean for our Rotary family?


What ideas do we already have about sustainability? Which ones do we want to invent?


How can we leverage the diversity in the Rotary family to achieve our common goals?

We thank our sponsors very much

Inspiration + Breakouts + Dialogue

To link the topics of Europe and sustainability in the best possible way, we’re using a combination of inspiring keynote speakers, breakout sessions and dialogues in the “House of Friendship”.

Thank you to our sponsors

A big thank you to all our sponsors who support the European Summit. Special thanks go to the following sponsors:

Bonn – City of Joy

Bonn is a fascinating, extremely interesting city that has much more to offer than just its contribution to political world history. The images give just a small impression. Our tip: Extend your stay and explore this remarkable city.

As a place of
historical significance in Europe,
Bonn is the perfect place for the
European Summit.

Stephanie Urchick
RI President 2024/2025

We want to make
the Rotary European Summit
accessible to all
by offering
attractive ticket and hotel prices.

Hans-Hermann Kasten
Convener, RI Board Director 2023-25

The Rotarian Family from ten
European countries
is just as
cordially invited
as well as
guests from all over the world.

Alain van de Poel
Co-Convener, RI Board Director 2024-26

News and articles

A diverse field of speakers, exciting breakout sessions and plenty of opportunities to make new international friends: That’s the European Summit. Here on our blog, we will report on the program, introduce the speakers and provide content-related information to accompany the packed program. We are looking forward to a great Rotarian event in the heart of Europe.


The Rotary European Summit 2024 will take place at the Maritim Hotel in Bonn. With its central location, attractive rooms, relaxation offers and inviting restaurants, it offers the ideal infrastructure for great events and meetings. To enable as many members of the Rotary family as possible to participate, we have negotiated very attractive room rates. Take this opportunity and book your room and your ticket.

Location Maritim Hotel

Our conference hotel offers excellent conditions for large, motivating and encouraging presentations in the plenum, as well as for interactive breakout sessions. At the Maritim, everything is within walking distance. In addition, the hotel’s central location makes it an ideal starting point for discovery tours through the former German capital.

House of Friendship

Just like at the Rotary International Convention, the European Summit will also include an attractive “House of Friendship”. There will also be the “Rotary Showcase”, presenting activities. Come and meet our partners during this a perfect opportunity for dialogue and inspiration. This is the place where ideas are exchanged. If you’re interested in having a booth at the “House of Friendship”, please feel free to contact us.

Social actions

At the European Summit, we are planning two different social actions: one by Rotary and one by Rotaract and Interact. Both actions will deal with central topics of Europe and the social goal of sustainability.


Hotels in Bonn

The most comfortable accommodation for the European Summit and GELS/GNLS/PLS is, of course, our event hotel Maritim. We have reserved lots of rooms. There are also many other good hotels in Bonn. A tip from experience: It pays to book early.


Although the room rates in the conference hotel are very attractive, we are also offering some private overnight accommodation for registered members of Rotaract and Interact, in cooperation with regional Rotaract and Rotary clubs. Beds are limited, so it will be a case of first come, first served.


As the former capital of Germany, Bonn has excellent connections, by rail, air or road. In the spirit of sustainability, we are planning a climate calculator for all participants, to offset their travel costs through donations to Rotary projects. For this, we are working together with ESRAG, our sustainability action group.

Mobility on site


Programme GELS/GNLS/PLS and European Summit

Prior to the actual summit, from August 28 to 30, the GELS/GNLS/PLS will take place, to prepare future governors. In the morning of 30 August, there will be an inspiring Foundation Seminar and an important opportunity for the CoL delegates to meet. This will be followed immediately by the start of the European Summit. An optional programme for partners will be offered during the European Summit.

Tuesday, 27 August 2024

  • Arrival of Facilitators, participants and partners
  • 18.00 Facilitators’ preparation, drinks & light Dinner

Wednesday, 28 August 2024

Day 1 of the GELS and GNLS (Governor Elect/Nominee Learning Seminar) and the PLS (Partner Learning Seminar).

The GELS and GNLS (Governor Elect/Nominee Learning Seminar) and the Partner Learning Seminar is a regional meeting that prepares the incoming class of governors and future governors and their partners to successfully lead and support their district.

The GELS/GNLS/PLS is taking place at the Maritim Hotel in Bonn from 10.00 for the whole day on Wednesday, 28 August 2024 and Thursday, 29 August. It will finish at 12.30 on Friday, 30 August. The Seminar will be held in five language groups (DE, EN, IT, FR and ES).

Chaired by Lies van Wijngaarden, Lead Facilitator

  • 08.00–09.30 Opening session (Facilitators only)
  • 09.30–10.00 Break
  • 10.00–12.00 Opening session GELS/GNLS/Partners
  • 12.00–13.00 Lunch
  • 13.00–15.30 GELS/GNLS/PLS individual sessions
  • 15.30–16.00 Break
  • 16.00–17.00 GELS/GNLS/PLS joint sessions
  • 17.15–17.45 Count down in the History of Eradicating Polio GELS/GNLS/Partners
  • 18.30–21.00 Drinks reception & Finger Food

Thursday, 29 August 2024

Day 2 of the GELS and GNLS (Governor Elect/Nominee Learning Seminar) and the PLS (Partner Learning Seminar).

  • 8.30–10.00 GELS/GNLS/PLS joint and individual sessions
  • 10.00–10.30 Break
  • 10.30–13.00 GELS/GNLS/PLS joint and individual sessions
  • 13.00–14.00 Lunch
  • 14.00–15.30 GELS/GNLS/PLS joint and individual sessions
  • 15.30–16.00 Break
  • 16.00–17.00 GELS/GNTS/PLS joint session with Rotaract
  • 19.00–22.00 Dinner (individually)
  • 19.00–22.00 Major Donors Dinner (by invitation only)

Friday, 30 August 2024 (including programme for partners)

Day 3 of the GELS and GNLS (Governor Elect/Nominee Learning Seminar) and the PLS (Partner Learning Seminar). 

  • 8.30–10.00 GELS/GNLS/PLS joint sessions partly with Rotaract
  • 9.15–10.00 GELS/GNLS/PLS joint sessions
  • 10.00–10.30 Break
  • 10.30–11.30 GELS/GNLS/PLS joint sessions
  • 11.30–12.30 Closing (joint GELS/GNLS/PLS)
  • 12.30–13.30 Lunch

Parallel Event
Council on Legislation Representative Learning Session – Friday, 30 August 2024
(The session is mandatory for representatives and strongly encouraged for their alternates and limited to them):

  • 08:30 Opening
  • 10:00–10:30 Break
  • 12:00 End

Parallel Event
Foundation Highlights (Foundation Seminar) – Friday, 30 August 2024

  • 09:30 Markus A. Denzel (RC Leipzig, RRFC): Introduction
  • 09:40 Bharat S. Pandya (RC Borivli, Maharashtra, Trustee): The Role of Foundation Grants for a Sustainable Development
  • Session I: TRF – the Institutionalized Sustainability of Rotary
  • 09:50
  • 10:10 Steven Lauwerier (UNICEF-Director – Polio Eradication) (
  • 10:30 Carolyn Johnson, Cadre Program (angefragt)
  • 10:50 Questions and Discussion
  • 11:00 Coffee break
  • Session II: Sustainable Projects – Challenges, Chances, and Cooperations
  • 11:30 Holger Knaack (RC Herzogtum Lauenburg – Mölln, PRIP): The New Big Programs – “Programs of Scale” und “Healthy Community Challenge”
  • 11:50 Jan-Peter Sander (RMCH): Program of Scale Nigeria
  • 12:05 Armin Staigis (RC Chemnitz-Schlossberg, PDG): TRF‘s Engagement in Ukraine
  • 12:20 Hans-Christoph Atzpodien (RC Essen-Süd): RDG für Global Grants
  • 12:30 Questions and Discussion
  • 12:40 Mario Cesar Martins de Camargo (RC Santo André, São Paulo, RIPE): The Challenges for TRF in the Future
  • 13:00 End of the Seminar


Rotary European Summit Day 1:
Moderator: PDG Ursula Schoepfer

  • 13:00–14:00 Lunch self organized
  • 14:00 Opening speech by the host team and welcome
    Welcoming speech by Katja Dörner, Mayor of the City of Bonn
  • Bell
  • Flag ceremony and anthems
  • Music (Beethoven)
  • RIPE Mario César Martins de Camargo: “Rotary – People of Action for Sustainability and Peace“
  • Tim Höttges, CEO Telekom (tbc): „Artificial Intelligence as a Driver of Sustainability“
  • Holger Klein, CEO ZF: „Europe, sustainability and our economies – interdependences and outlook“
  • Break
  • Gilly Lord (Global Leader Regulation and Public Policy, PwC): „Green Deal, Corporate Reporting and Sustainable Business Transformation“
  • Christoph Heusgen, Chairman Munich Security Conference: „Europe’s role in securing active and positive peace“
  • Panel Discussion: Mario Cesar, Bharat Pandya, Holger Klein, Tim Höttges: „Relevance of Rotary: Challenges and Opportunities “
  • Music (Beethoven)
  • Dinner self-organized
  • Evening: Optional possibility of district meetings in our meeting rooms for paying attendees

Programme for Partners
Friday, 30 August 2024, 14:00/15:00 till 17:00 (approx.)

Guided tour of the former German government district with a visit to Villa Hammerschmidt
Follow in the footsteps of German democracy since 1948 in the Federal Quarter, here you’ll see the Bundesrat, the Federal Chancellery and the Koenig Museum. The highlight is a tour of Villa Hammerschmidt, the official residence of the German President in Bonn.
Important: A valid ID is required
Duration: 2 hours.
Register for your chosen when booking a ticket, also for partners who are not attending the Summit itself.

Saturday, 31 August 2024 (including programme for partners)

Rotary European Summit Day 2:

15 exciting breakout sessions relating to the five theme lines. Find the details below under Theme lines for our breakout sessions.

Moderators: Charlotte Zenner and John-Melle Bokhorst

  • 9.00 Introduction
  • Music (Beethoven)
  • Keynote: Andrea Meza, Deputy Executive Secretary of UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD)
  • „What the day brings/find your way” (Panel of the Theme Leads)
  • Break (and transfer to the breakout rooms)
  • 5 breakout sessions Topic 1 (Details see below)
  • Lunch
  • 5 breakout sessions Topic 2 (Details see below)
  • Break
  • 5 breakout sessions Topic 3 (Details see below)
  • End
  • 19.00 Gala Dinner

Programme for Partners
Saturday, 31 August 2024, 10:00 till 17:00 at the latest (depending on the programme booked)
City tour: In the footsteps of Beethoven
Discover Bonn city centre following in the footsteps of Ludwig van Beethoven, who was born here in 1770. See the most important places from the first 22 years of the composer’s life and find out how each one had a decisive influence on his musical and personal life.
Duration: 2 hours
Enjoy a light lunch (not included) before visiting Beethoven House, the composer’s birthplace and home (optional).
Register for your chosen when booking a ticket, also for partners who are not attending the Summit itself.

Sunday, 1 September 2024

Rotary European Summit Day 3:

Rotary looking forward to the future.

Closing Session 9.00–13.00

  • Music
  • „Introduction and overview of previous days“ – Helmut Rassfeld (Chair)
  • Breakout groups outcomes (4–5 speakers)
  • Mario Martins de Camargo, RIPE „My Vision“
  • RI Treasurer or CFO NN „Rotary International financial updates“
  • Trustee Bharat Pandya „Touching lives – Transforming Communities“
  • Break
  • Frankly speaking: Rotary’s challenges and opportunities
    – Mario Martins de Camargo
    – Bharat Pandya
    – Holger Knaack
    (Questions from the audience)
    Moderator: PRID Urs Klemm
  • COR 2023/24 (review) and Council on Legislation 2025 (Preview), Jürgen Horvath
  • Promoting the Rotary Institute 2025 in Brussels, Alain van de Poel
  • Promoting the Calgary Convention
  • Closing remarks, Convener Hans-Hermann Kasten
  • Bell
  • 13.00 Farewell Lunch

Theme lines for our breakout sessions

On the second day of the summit, after a joint introduction, there will be three workshops/breakout sessions for each of the following theme lines.

Rotary’s role for a sustainable future 

Rotary’s role for a sustainable future will be influenced by your clubs and districts – accompanied by several Rotary Action Groups. We figure out your chances of The Green Deal. You learn how to increase your handprint and reduce your footprint. We showcase successful projects to inspire you and take action.

Theme Leads:

Rebecca Siebinga, RI District 1590, DG 19/20
Ludwig Kalthoff, RI District 1900, DG 24/25

Breakout sessions (highlights):

The chances of the Green Deal
You will be given an overview and insight in opportunities arising out of the Green Deal, concerning biodiversity, plastic and renewable energies. You’ll hear about the importance and effects of financial choices by people and companies. And see examples in sustainable business within planet boundaries.
A discussion about these topics is part of this breakout session.

How to increase your handprint and reduce our footprint
How your club or district can become sustainable. Examples will be given for increasing your handprint and how to reduce food waste and adopt a plant-rich diet.

RI becoming sustainable.
Mark Maloney, Past Rotary International President 2019-2020, will speak (online) about our cause ‘protecting the environment’.
Several interesting Rotary projects will be presented, like End Warming Now, IHE Delft, Agroforestry, Climate Fresk and the Million Solar Panel Challenge.

During the Summit there will be an ongoing poster presentation of projects and start-ups to inspire you how to contribute to a sustainable world. For example by joining the ecological gardening challenge. All posters will be presented online afterwards for continuing exchange and learning experience.  

Rotary’s role for a sustainable future 

Rotary´s role for a sustainable future will be influenced by your clubs and districts – accompanied by Rotary Action Group ES-CED-RMCH-WASH. We figure out your chances of Green Deal. You learn how to increase handprint and reduce footprint. We showcase successful projects, explain three steps to become sustainable and climate-friendly – from grassroot to action.

Theme Leads:

Rebecca Siebinga, RI District 1590, DG 19/20
Ludwig Kalthoff, RI District 1900, DG 24/25

Breakout sessions:

  • The chances of the Green Deal
  • How to reduce our footprint – from grassroot-level to action
  • RI becoming sustainable
Relevance of Rotary in a changing world  

In the workshop “The relevance of Rotary in a changing world” we will shed light on the changing framework conditions for Rotary in Europe and worldwide. And discuss the resulting consequences for the individual clubs.

Theme Leads:

Jörg M. Haas, RI District 1940, DG 23/24

Rutger C. Mazel, RI District 1580, PDG, RPIC 23/26

Breakout Sessions:

TOPIC 1 – The Rotary Action Plan – a Translation for Clubs

Exchange of views on the existing Rotary Action Plan. How can clubs use this Action Plan for their future strategic planning?
Speakers: PRIP Holger Knaack, Rotary Club Herzogtum Lauenburg Mölln (tbc); Jan Lucas Ket, PRID

TOPIC 2 – Rotary’s vision and mission

Rotary’s vision and mission statement is a great starting point for all we do in Rotary and Rotaract. Are we on the right course, how can we adapt in a changing world?
Speakers: Laura Verdegaal en Marlin Leemhuis (Rotaract)

TOPIC 3 – Controversy or consensus? Rotary’s role in an ever changing European society 

The world changes, Europe changes. There are increasing uncertainties due to political tensions worldwide. With influence on how individual members want to contribute to Rotary. What role does Rotary play, or can Rotary play towards less controversy and more consensus?
Speakers: Past-President Nicole Sroc-Stanley, Rotary Club Berlin; Past -President Matthias Meifert, Rotary Club Berlin – Alexanderplatz


Lies van Wijngaarden, Rotary Club Almere, Peace Major Gifts Adviser
Christine Buering, Rotary Club Altenburg, Rotary Director nominée 2025-2027

1 Positive Peace Games
We surprise you with an interactive Peace Game which was developed by IEP/Rotary Peace Centers. Introducing the eight pillars of positive peace hands-on, you will experience that peace is more than the absence of war. In the digital world Online Games are powerful influencers. Can they help us to promote our values and peace more effectively?

  • Rtn Anna-Lena Loebakk IEP Peace Ambassador, Verdal Rotary Klubb, Norway
  • Rtn Manouchehr Shamsrizi, Germany, Gaming, Rotary E-Club of Silicon Valley

2 Global Power and Rotary’s role
Two experts; one from the German Army another from International Academia discuss the role of the military to prevent wars or make peace possible. What comes after a war to allow a sustainable peace? Hear the arguments, discuss the role of Rotary and how we can approach those touchy subjects in our clubs.

  • Rtn Martin Schelleis, Rotary Club Köln a. Rhein, Generalleutnant der Bundeswehr a.D.
  • Milena Berks, Bonn International Centre for Conflict Studies
  • Rtn Mike Asiago Nyandieka, Rotary Club Bonn International

3 Working for Peace – Rotary Peace Café
There are many ways to help promote peace with Rotary. In our Peace Café we take a broad approach and you meet a wide range of initiatives for Peace, European Cooperation, Addiction Prevention or Women’s Empowerment as well as some of our Partner organizations. See where you want to get active.

  • Rtn Denise Klischan, Rotary E-Club Ibiza International, Spain, IEP Peace Ambassador
  • Rtn Laura Verdegaal, Rotary Club Amstel & Vecht, Netherlands, formerly Rotaract

House of Friendship:
We propose the idea of a Rotary Peace Game in the very first “Rotary Games Lounge”. We appreciate your thoughts, ideas and perhaps help in devoloping it.
We share the idea of playing with other initiatives such as RAGMHH or ESRAG who will also bring their games. What’s your game?

Rotary – Supporting Intergenerational Dialogue

How could we work together as people of action, between generations, developing partnerships, to create relevant projects in a global and changing world, to make Rotary more significant?

Theme Leads:

Sérgio Almeida, RI District 1970, DG 20/21
Christian Falkenstein, RI District 1930, DG 23/24

#Workshop 1
Empowering Young Leaders
How can Rotary help young generations to improve skills and talent trough personal development programs supported by mentoring and training, helping youth to understand different perspectives and worldviews, interacting with others, and take action to develop entrepreneurship using Rotary’s network.

# Workshop 2
Improving communication and Public Image in challenging times
In a world of fast changes, Rotary can help make a positive difference in communities and society. With about 66,000 clubs worldwide, there are so many good projects – how can we promote communication to the outside world in order to show that we are people of action and improve the relevance of Rotary?

#Workshop 3
Promoting intergenerational dialogue to build the house of Europe
How do we design the intergenerational dialogue so that everyone can participate and cooperation develops? How can Rotary reinforce cooperation for a united Europe?  We can lead and attract collaboration between generations to support better initiatives, integrating young voices into Rotary’s family decision-making process and action.

Developing Rotary for the future 

How can we build the future of Rotary together? Join us for breakout sessions in which we discuss how to connect Rotaract and Rotary, create effective and innovative clubs, enhance Rotary’s reputation and impact, and embrace diversity. The Rotary Action Plan will be our guide to achieve new and greater goals together.

Theme Leads:

Riccardo de Paola, RI District 2060, DG 18/19
Julian Seethaler, RI District 1841, Chair Rotaract Germany 23/24

Breakout sessions:
1. „How to build bridges from Rotaract to Rotary“
How can we make the transition and cooperation Rotaract-Rotary easier and more attractive? In this breakout session, we will share best practices, challenges, and opportunities for building bridges between the two parts of our Rotarian family. Let’s boost the membership and impact of Rotary and Rotaract!
Cristina Giacomini (Rotary Club Meda e Delle Brughiere), District Training Committee D2042, Julius Schölkopf (Rotaract Club Ludwigsburg & Rotary Club Stuttgart-Wildpark), DRR D1830 2023/24, ARPIC 2024/25

2. „New club models – examples of success“
Learn how different club models can be attractive to members, increase our reach, and adapt to changing needs. Hear about successful clubs that have embraced innovation and flexibility. Let’s discover and propose new possibilities together!

Davide Gallasso (Rotary Club Merate Brianza), PDG D2042
Marc Schulte (Rotary Club Passport D1900)

3. „DEI – Opportunities of diversity“
Discover how embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion can enrich our Rotary experience. Learn from inspiring examples of clubs that have fostered a culture of DEI and welcomed people of all backgrounds and perspectives. Every person is unique and precious. Join the conversation and share your ideas!

Katharina Weingärtner (Rotaract Club Hybrid Südwest 1860), Präsidentin des ERIC 2024/25, Viktoria Carzavec (Rotaract Club München), DRR D1842 2022/24, Alberto Ganna (Rotary Club Busto Gallarate Legnano Ticino), PDG D2042, RI Training Leader

Accompanying programme

Programme for your partner 

Spaces are limited, so early registration is recommended.
You can find all the options in the schedule. Note: During the GELS/GNLS, there will be a separate Partner Learning Seminar.

“Rhine Clean-Up“-Action

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Rotaract means “Rotary in Action” – therefore, as part of the European Summit, Rotaract would like to offer a hands-on social project to accompany the entire event, where all participants can get involved during the breaks. We are currently working on the final design so that together we can have an impact for people in the region.

DEUKO 2023 Trinkflasche

Nur auf Vorbestellung: In Kooperation mit soulbottles haben wir unsere eigene DEUKO 2023-Trinkflasche gestaltet. Damit wollen wir nicht nur unseren Teil dazu beitragen, dass mehr Trinkwasser getrunken wird, sondern auch gleich ein Behältnis für das Bodensee-Trinkwasser auf der Tagung anbieten. Bestelle jetzt Dein Exemplar vor.

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